Tutorial: Animated glow to your signature



The initial version of this post was very crude and was more like a scribble. Earlier versions of Photoshop did not had the animation feature and hence the animation had to be created in ImageReady. But now, since Adobe Photoshop CS2 contains the Animation feature, you need not export it to ImageReady for this animations.

The steps and sample images have not been rewritten, instead just edited to make it more readable.

Adding the animated glow part alone is described in this tutorial. The image blending, and the fonts, and the text effects are not shown in this tutorial. The glow effect can be used not only to the text but also to other objects also. It just depends on your creative imagination.

I have taken the example of adding the glow to the text, since it becomes easy to explain.

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Women and serials.

These days, most of the women, including me, who spends time at home, sitting simply, think a lot than the other busy people.. And as usual, whenever, women thinks, they think of their fate, their past, present and future.. many teenagers of this present age, are into depression, as they are not getting the love from the busy parents..
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My first day at Car driving school

Yesterday, i finally decided to make use of the holidays in some way..
And it turned out to be studying car driving…And i started it today in the morning.. The lady teacher gave me lectures on clutch, gear, etc.. i was feeling like i was in a cockpit of a plane, with lots of things surrounding me..
Lets see how it goes.. 😀