Post Valentine’s Day Rants…

Another valentine’s day got over.. It was very recently that this day got this much recognition and people started celebrating one special day to celebrate love. All the youngsters now look forward to this day with very high hopes n dreams. I agree lots of people, including myself are a part of them.

Many people are against this V-day, saying this is all western culture and that they need not have a special day for revealing their love towards their close ones. Ya, indeed we need not have specific day and time for that, but in our busy schedule and hectic life, where Indians are progressing like the West in living a mechanical life routine, I guess, enjoying and celebrating such days boosts up our private life and our emotional quotient.

And without emotions and feelings, man is not complete. Every one loves and cares for atleast few people if not more, and the different names like care, friendship, crush, infatuation, love, and the different classifications within love like love for parents, love for partner, love for siblings, love for friends and what not! uff! All are gimmicks, atleast that’s what i feel. Each human being has consistent emotions and feelings of his own and that too predefined to certain other beings, be it other human beings or to animals and birds. And its the man who changed the whole perspective and put the limitations or restrictions for loving each other. He created the limits for friendship and love, by defining physical intimacy, but they may have forgot that hugs and touch are the best ways to show care. They have limited the word of love to only the love between lovers. Can’t we celebrate the day for spreading love to parents, friends, sisters, and even neighbours!!

Oh ok, I guess I am too much preaching like Mother Teresa.. 🙂 But at times, I really feel utmost respect for her, b’coz her preachings of love was so true. It teaches you so many things in life, and its deficiency leads to disaster in day to day life… Only if the whole society accepted the same and started following her principles from the first! What changes would have happened??? Umm.. Well, there wont be any discrimination, blah blah…those are too general.. leave it there. Then there wont be any misunderstandings between friendships and love. Though i agree some limits is needed btw boys and girls, many people put too much restrictions to even frienships between them. When there can be many beautiful relations arising out, the society turns them out to some thing else! All people need solace and are dependent on each other. And i guess that’s where love evolves…

So let’s hope this V-day refreshes the love we have for each other just like a new year presents us with new opportunities and refreshes our responsibilities..

And regarding you people’s doubt, (;-)) no, i have no valentine as of now, but for me, I love my parents, sis and all my friends(online and real)!!! Thats more than enough for me to enjoy the day! 🙂


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