Time pass tagging…

The song you have been humming all afternoon:
“vizhikalil” from some tamil film featuring navya nair and prasanna.

The weirdest thing you’ve ever done:
ehem.. .. one is to brush my teeth with someone’s shaving cream! and the other one to lure/blackmail someone with a false email id! 😐

Your very first crush, do you still like them or even remember them –
Obviously was in school, but he was not from my school!(Hint hint! :P), as its a girls’ only school…
Don’t like him any more in that way for sure, and I don’t have any contact with him too… 🙂

What do you do and do you find it interesting:

I am an IT professional and I am interesting in any computer-related work…

Committed or single:

As of now single! 😉

Cloud 9 moment:
Lots n lots of moments!!

The weirdest person you came across today:

Mayb I have not met him in person, but on online, KingKrool of TE(www.techenclave.com) as of now!!!(don ask me why!!!)

How’s your mood:
Sometimes very funny, sometimes very serious, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes very active and lively.But no one can predict when the phase change happens.. Not even myself!

Last movie you saw:


Last book you read:
Anything for you, ma’am by Tushar Raheja

What do you think of yourself:
Don’t ask me such difficult questions as in interviews… 🙁

One word for the person who tagged you:
Chandni…oh meri chaandni…. 😛

Ever fallen in love? How does it feel?
Its beautiful.. but its indefinable…

Anyone wants to pick it up?? Just link back pls.. 🙂

EDIT: Two months after I wrote this post, I found the childhood crush this week on net! 🙂 wat a coincidence!


  1. Now what have I done to deserve this tag? Two things:
    1. Remove my name (my username is OK, but no names).
    2. Watch your back.

    – KK

  2. I just now came from a blog, who had the same blog on. Looks like this one is spreading really fast 😀

    and the other one to lure/blackmail someone with a false email id!
    Hehehe…I did this too….but I need to try that shaving cream thing…yummm yummm 😛

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