Unspoken words…

Everything was over. The sun had set in the horizon. My mind had gone numb with joy or sorrow? I don’t know. As I walked along th hallway, the only sound heard was that of my new anklets bought two weeks ago. I was deeply immersed in the beehive of thoughts and anxiety while my steps took me to the room. The door was partly kept ajar as if it was waiting for me to open it. I opened the door slowly and searched for him. The room light was dim and the sunset coloured ambience of the bulbs added the special effects.

And there he was, partly lying in the bed, and leaning against the wall, widely alert to the sound of my anklets. His open eyes were filled with love and the unspoken words it spoke to my eyes and mind cannot be explained with few words. The small grin that started nearby the corner of his lips has turned to a sweet and firm smile. the sparkle of which was depicted in his eyes. I stood at the door looking into his eyes and when I felt like they requested me to come near them, I walked inside the room, turned back and closed the door behind me. The silence of the room was sweet and the winds from the window flew inside sending a shiver to my spine. With their company I moved forward and sat beside him, without taking away my eyes. We sat still staring for few seconds, as if we are seeing each other for the first time!! Then I slownly lowered my face and closed my eyes to thank the Almighty for that wonderful moment He gifted me with, and thereby fulfilling my long awaited dreams..

As I slowly opened my eyes, I found the glowing sun rays were shining onto my face. I searched for him around me, but found none alongside in my bed and the door was open. I woke up slowly and putting on the slippers, walked up to open the door of the balcony. The cold and fresh winds were blowing on me sending yet another shiver onto my spine..A small grin started from the corner of my lips too and I smiled at the sun back…..


  1. “Mysterious Girl”

    @bluediamond u just remind me of Kajol from DDLJ hope u seen this movie

    She was saying “Andekha anjana” poem with her mother.

    Is it same andekha anjana or r u in love(Its too personal specially for a girl so dont mind if u not wanna tell me).

    One thing i can say about it that u r really awsome what a description u had given awsome yarr awsome

    But your this description made me sad.

  2. ya i have seen the movie. but need not necessary that i feel at the same time as Kajol in movie… tats film re… 😛
    this is something different….
    wait a min, why am i speaking… this is unspoken words! ehem 😉

  3. Why not u speak

    unspoken stuffs always spoke more than words

    wait a minute … what I m wriitng aapko kuch samajh aaya(mujhe to nahin)

    I means to say ki

    Khamoshi hi hoti hai dil ki jubaan

    Unspoken words always speak more than words.
    (Lo ji mein fir shooru ho gaya)

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