Chennai life!

Its been one and a half years now, being in the great metro city, Chennai, and when I think back, what change I have gone through, I get only one answer, “ I have grown up a bit.”. But really have I? No, I feel I need to grow up lot more. But still, I guess I have changed.

Now I don’t mind traveling at night 8 on the main roads. I don’t fear as much as I did, when I go in autos. I don’t mind calling up customer care or any number to solve for any issues. I don’t even mind talking to them rudely. I don’t fear now as much as I did, to use debit cards at ATM while withdrawing cash. I even wonder how I have the courage now to use the credit cards also, and that too online! I do travel in trains alone, and that too an overnight journey. I don’t hesitate to think of travel by flight and going by taxi from airport. I don’t mind buying fruits, vegetables and groceries from supermarket. I don’t mind doing shopping alone and spending one or two hours at any gift shop. I don’t mind buying expensive sarees and shirts for my parents or sisters or relatives, and that too with my own money. I don’t mind didn’t mind for spending whooping money for my mobile. I don’t mind meeting new people, and that too online unknown faces, and that too alone. I don’t mind going out with friends either alone or as a gang in the evenings! I don’t mind having pizzas or burgers or fried rice or biriyani at team dinners, I don’t even mind having tomato soup, considering the fact I hate tomato like anything!! Can you believe it!! I don’t mind the silence from other people. I don’t get that much angry or disappointed nowadays. Ya I agree I still do a bit, but don’t have hatred towards others, or shout at people or bark at them. I feel I think more, though I do with heart than with mind. I can now ignore the irritating behaviour of the people. I have reduced keeping expectations from others, coz I have realized those are the ones which causes you pain. I feel I can understand when people answer me in some specific way. I can feel the age difference and also a bit of the saying, old people explain like, “we are more experienced, child, I can understand”. I have now learned to say sorry and forgive others. I have now opened up to many, rather than the introvert nature I had. I have learned now to pray not for me, but for others…

But still, I feel I have to grow more… In what aspects, I have yet to find out…

Strange are those invisible nuclear changes which give away to the minute differences and at the end to the massive explosion!!


  1. Now that you’re done with what you’re not afraid of, can you tell what things makes you fret? 😀

    All the best… rock on in Chennai!

  2. After reading this post I had just one question

    “Is it your first time away from home”

    I means before chennai r u in hostel or something else or whole time home?

  3. ya.. before chennai, I was at home only… no hostel life.. 🙂

    seems u dint have read all of my blog posts… 😉

  4. Ya you are right i didn’t read ur whole posts as i am busy in work these days
    But whatever i read i guessed and my guess is right

    You as same as me I means to say jaisa aap 1.5 yrs pehle feel kar rahi thi vaisa hi mein aaj feel kar raha hu?

  5. Ragging….Nahin

    Main darr gaya

    anytime Mam.

    So aap kab mill rahe ho

    And ur name is north indian yar Archana.

    But u r sweet mallu ….

  6. hi….
    it seems like u have found the right way of enjoying life…
    hope u have a joy full and interesting life…
    my best wishes…

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