Cupid thoughts

Love is in the air,
When you start to stare,
At the golden sky, Into a wild dream,
And as you close your eye, it opens with a new beam.

Love is in the air,
When the binding thread is care,
With a drop of warmth and trust with open blinds,
Working towards the growth of respectful minds.

Love is in the air,
When all seems to be fair,
High in forgiveness, low in expectations,
Crossing all obstacles, and the train passes through the stations.

There exists, some forms of love, still undefined,
The charm, the feelings, the expressions, never explained,
It is in the dark, and it is in the light,
It exists in the day and too in the night,
Heart and mind, it resides,
Where else it will, besides,
This is all they say, when I blunder
How can love be in the air, I wonder.


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