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Along with money, love and time, which drives human beings mad, is love for food! And especially if your are residing outside your city, it increases exponentially.

Bangalore has been known to me as the hub of NRM or NRK – Non Resident Malayalees or Keralites. Its an altogether different matter that you will find them wherever you go. Chennai was far better in that case. It gave me the realization that I was in a different land, but which served you with good food!!! I had started liking various South Indian dishes only after staying in Chennai. There we had the famous Tharavad and Kumarakom restaurants for Malayalees. I had not liked the Bangalorean food for that matter, for reasons which cannot be disclosed due to security reasons! Every time, we went out, I had gone for North Indian or Italian or Tamilian or Fast Food, or more commonly Mallu (short form for Malayali) food for most occasions.

Kaayal restaurant was one of the few we have been dining off late. The options were Malabar and Kalavara of which Kaayal turned out to be the winner. I have heard of some other restaurants too, but they all are at far distance from my reach and this restuarant is nearby Jeevan Bhima Nagar (near Indira Nagar) and hence easily reachable. At times, it drives us mad, having a single Kerala Sadya menu and nothing else, when we wanted to have something other than rice! But still, it remains the only choice still now. The ambience and the food and the menu have been good enough till now.

Any other recommended Mallu restaurants in Bangalore?


  1. I had gone to Kaayal yesterday. The ambience is good and the food is delightful. Regarding other restaurants, I guess every mallu in Bangalore has been to Kairali.

  2. You have mallu restaurants all over bangalore, esp. doing booming business at places where u have a lot of mallus.

    I have visited MAS restaurant (which was near the Aiyappa temple at Madivala) and liked the food there. I was also taken by a friend of mine to a small house (like a Dhaba) near the MAS restaurant which served awesome food in a homely ambiance.. But I dunno if you would prefer these kinda restaurants which are actually houses which are changed to restaurants for the sake of surviving.

    Check them out.. If you want, I could contact a few mallu friends of mine and let u know more about this restaurant.

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