Futuristic Introspection

The sky is cloudy again.

This week has knocked me down again. I missed out the daily posts one day, because of no power for that whole day. There were times when I had so much to write, but found myself very lazy. Some short stories, some film reviews, some travelogues, everything is in pending.

I tried to be active on twitter, and even crossed 1000 tweets. Not that its not a good sign, but the thing is it made me realize whether I was blurting out nonsense. About the running time. About wasting it. About myself. And what I am doing and saying to make myself feel worthy.

People say its because I don’t work. But this happens to everyone at one point of time. Even if they work. And even when they try to shape their future, amidst far from their home towns. I have seen so many still wondering, what are we doing, what kind of life are we living, why are we living like this etc. The blank or weak vision of their goals. There maybe some who doesn’t introspect what they should do, or what do they love doing.  And some who are still doing it. And some who even after doing it many many times, still unable to come up with an answer. Is it normal to happen like this?

I agree, there are unanswered questions about life, time, religion, universe, human mind, existence and blah blah blah, but these questions are about ourselves. But still, sometimes it takes too long to find the answers. Most of the time, we are never allowed to question ourselves, on why are we doing such n such things. The common answer is others do, and since they do and that is the current trend, its better to follow the same. And then we end up sometimes unhappy, but happily adjusted with the routine. Moreover,  how often do we find inspiration to chase our goals, or determine, if you don’t have them? And do we have enough time to try out the various options? How much time should we allocate to decide the future?

Thus one more question for me to ponder about and lose my sleep. What could be my goals?


  1. Your want to understand the mysteries of Nature. It is not that easy to understand Nature (in other words God). I would suggest that you discharge your duties as a normal human being, honestly and sincerely and accept things as they are. You will find the meaning to your existence.

    Your ideas are really thought provoking!

    1. @Binny: following you now…

      @rajoo: What you meant is the adjusting part i suppose. Blindly accepting and keeping aside the things unknown to us, or not even thinking about it. It gives you peace maybe, but I like to keep questioning along with doing the duties too…

      @Unknown: Past introspection also have been done at some point of time. Rather the early posts of this blog is mostly about those. You can go through the archives to know more. Thinking about past points out your mistakes, but unless you do future instropection, and live accordingly, why do we need the past?

  2. You talking about futuristic introspection!! :O, at times we have to really think why did something in the past, many a time we forget things we did and why we did.. a thorough introspection can only answer those, I think a shrink can also be of some help 🙂

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