Confessions of a drama queen

Nowadays I am going crazy with this stupid addiction of mine towards the TV serials. Time flies by just like I used to do with Facebook or twitter. It seems I have a tendency to get into addiction. If one gets over, another starts soon. I am not sure why I am so obsessed with the love stories, and the plots and scenes. At times, I feel some stories are revolving around me, and I am failing to identify them.

Mad people. Mad world.
Words are spinning around my head, forming plots and stories. But without any drama. And how that could be possible. You need drama to survive. To bring you to the edge. The spiciness that can make you yearn for thirst of love.

Love stories have always had a charm to it. It had its own way to pull at our heartstrings. Maybe that is why, they are created again and again, be it in books, films and TV series. The different layers of the deeply loved emotion adds a mystery and we tend to unravel it everytime we see or read its magic. The addiction which started in my teenage years still bounds me to the magical world of love stories.

Just like any other teenage girls, it all started from the world of books. I could so relate to the first crush feelings of Anne Frank towards Peter, even though the rest of the book on politics went over my head. Then came Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson. Their deep and caring friendship along with the investigative crime thriller story became the base ground for building my dreamland. The other famous love stories by Bronte sisters and Jane Eyre were too heavy and the deep relationship was not easy to digest at the age I read them, but still evoked an outline of different shades of love.

In few years, I entered the world of Television and the different channels. But the number of channels were very limited and I never saw any youth based channels, instead relied on Doordarshan and the established ones like Star network and Zee TV. Along with the famous shows like Antakshari, Sa re ga ma pa, Meri Awaz Suno and Khana Khazana, a new category of family drama was introduced slowly into our lives. The K serials created by the mastermind Ekta Kapoor. Slowly, the repeat telecast during the afternoon was a treat for me to watch on days when I came back from college.

Maybe it was the mesmerizing effect of romance in those younger days or experiencing the chemistry in those romantic moments, whatever it was, it had hooked me onto love stories. More than the romance, the hidden tug of war between the lead couple which made you crave for there onscreen moments together, was something I looked forward to. The dialogues resembling typical Bollywood shayari enlarged my hindi vocabulary a lot.

Over the years, it has been an on and off connection with the Telly industry. I also had an article written on these shows. With the help of internet, the shows are watchable online now irrespective of their showtimes which actually helps me save time, as I can skip the unnecessary drama. I realized I am not obsessed with the stories as such, but the twists and turns and the confrontation melodrama just as in those books I loved to read or the movies I loved to watch.

I do love Karan Johar and Bollywood cinema. It doesn’t mean I consider them as the best. More than the cuddling moments and the physical attraction, the connection between the souls are hard to portray on screen and easy to get etched in our hearts. I remember a French movie seen years ago with subtitles (Priceless) and another foreign language film (3 Iron) which had rarely any dialogues. Those are the ones I am talking about. More movies here.

This self-realization that there is a die-hard romantic hidden in me, like many others, sometimes poses me a question as to why not weave stories in my head, making me go mad. I hope one day, something fruitful comes out of those mad endeavors with the characters of my imagination.

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