The Wonder Years…

Its been long that I watched television serials or rather followed them keenly.

I still remember the pre-engineering days or holidays when I had nothing to do at home apart from attending entrance tuitions. I was booming into or outta my adolescence age. My favourite channels were the top notch hindi channels, including Star Plus, Sony TV, Zee Tv, and few others. And if I ever got bored I used to skip to some English ones too but just for a break. The timings were late in the afternoon say, from 2 to 4, and after a while it started as early as 12.30 and extended upto 5pm..! All the K-serials were part of my daily routine, and prime time ones were favorites of mom too… But I alone could watch the re-telecast of the episodes in afternoon, if we ever missed them at night. Of the English ones, I rarely saw the kid-doctor series and the wonder years in Star World aired from 4.30 to 5.30pm. They were stories of boys and girls of my age and why shouldn’t I like them and their experiences retold in the form of a series. I have forgotten almost the English series names and I am trying hard to revive those memories through my various searches in youtube. I caught hold of The Wonder Years, but not the brilliant kid who became doc at 16. The addiction at that age to anything you are gifted with, was clear now when I look back at those years.

Now, being at home full time, I am bestowed upon the full opportunity to view any and all, I don’t feel that urge anymore. Its as if the excitement has worn out. In all the almost three years I lived away from home, I have gone accustomed not watching tv, or movies. And especially not alone. Almost a similar phase, but at different time of life and at a different place. And you find the passion is not there. Is it the same for most of the desires?

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