Some of the Movies that moved our heart

From many years, the most catchy topic among the film writers are the stories involving emotions. There are many international and national or even regional films or movies created which talks of the simple and heart-felt underlying emotions of human being. This clearly clarifies that human beings, though belongs to various regions, speaks different languages, follows different religions and customs, are made up of the same atoms which contains the elements of emotions too. As in the survival of the fittest, its upto our surroundings and environment, that some times turns heart into stone.  Recently I watched some films which spoke of the pure feelings and love deep hidden amongst our hearts, and some of which even has a dark shade to it.

My Girl (Fan Chan in Thai) is a Thai film, which speaks of the innocent and pure love towards your childhood best friend. Jeah and Noi Nah were the best friends and neighbours when they studied in the same school. At the small age, when we loved to grow,  and grow on adventures, Jeah struggles to balance his friendship with Noi Nah, while juggling his priorities with other boys and his adventures.  Just like us, he forgets that time does not wait for him and they move apart. After few years, he hopes to meet her again at her wedding. The Thai small town landscape depicted the typical Indian villages kinda atmostphere and the sissy sassy games, the school classes, and the routine, brings back and flashes your childhood memories where in you can relate to some way or the other. The lyrics of the songs are beautifully poetic, when you understand them, with the help of the sub titles.

Growing up in the society is hard at times, so as to not lose your moral values. The maturity amongst us, if any, is capsized beneath the outer mask, which enables us to live in the society obeying some damn rules, some of which may or may not be for our good. Amar Prem is an old Indian film, but nevertheless, portrays the love of a woman. The film also shows the emotions and examples of brotherhood, lovers, motherhood, respect and companionship and that too in unrelated relations. Sharmila Tagore as Pushpa, who ends up as prostitute, and Rajesh Khanna as the Anand Babu excels in their roles, while the story amazes me and makes me wonder of the understanding of human emotions by film makers at that time, as old as 1971. More detailed review here.

There have been many other Indian films on prostitution too and of them, the Chandni Bar was a poignant film. Though Madhur Bandarkar‘s other films like Page3 and Corporate, were quite realistic event – reminders, and is quite common in today’s world, the character of Chandni, played by Tabu, throwed light on other factors as to how the society creates another society among themselves and thrwos them apart. Who can forget the Kamal Hassan in the film Mahanadi, where in he saves his daughter from this forbidden group whch also contains gold treasures in some of the courtesan’s hearts. But there are not many who can save others from the deserted ship.

There  was an English movie where in a lover convinces her boyfriend to pair up with her dying friend, who considers her as a good sister-friend. It was amazing to notice at her vast mind, and also the shrewdness in her, which leaves us baffled just like the boyfriend. We are unaware at the end, which are the real love bird couples. Some movies like these, which involves love triangles, convinces us, that love never happens once in lifetime. There are times, when we couldn’t blame the actions due to the over love and affection, which binds them to do the dark actions.

I don’t deny that there are emotions in battlefield or in the thriller action packed films and all, but those are some of the reality, but just portrayed blended with actions. There are some films which can portray emotions even in their silence. Named generally as art-films, they are mostly award-range films, and not for commercial industry. I remember some Malayalam movies like Ennu Swantham Janakikutti, Meghamalhar, Ore Kadal which bagged state awards n all, but never stayed long in theatres.

Human emotions and feelings can really be some answers to some unnamed relations that prevail in this world, and questions which we ask ourselves. Aint it?

Any movies which comes across your mind now, that touched your heart? Please share it with me! Thanks in advance 🙂


  1. Yin shi nan nu (Eat Drink Man Woman), It’s a Wonderful Life and The Notebook are the three movies I can remember now. Wonderful movies these. Can watch for over 100 times and still not get bored.

    Will catch up with My Girl soon.

    P.S: If you watch Tamil movies, then check out Anbae Sivam.

  2. I’ve liked Madhur’s movies…Page3 being loved the most for its take on reality…am next waiting for his Fashion!!
    Among similar realistic ones, I have liked ‘Life in a Metro’…So was ‘Aamir’!!
    Movies that I recommend – A walk to remember and if you are pro to opensource then watch “Anti-trust”!!! 😀

  3. Here is my list of heart moving movies… My list includes hindi, english and tamil also…

    Pushpak – comedy genre… but the last scene will surely touch ur heart..
    Anbe Sivam
    Moondram Pirai
    Taare Zameen Par
    Ek Tujhe Ke Liye
    The pursuit of happiness
    and list goes on….

  4. nice blog article about this topic. this makes me ask a question though, so i dont really understand the relation of this topic and your entire blog. it just doesnt fit in. But nontheless i found it very readable. Regards, Rizwan

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