Women and serials.

These days, most of the women, including me, who spends time at home, sitting simply, think a lot than the other busy people.. And as usual, whenever, women thinks, they think of their fate, their past, present and future.. many teenagers of this present age, are into depression, as they are not getting the love from the busy parents..

The whole life style has changed. The “hum do hamare do” principle has left a family, with few members to interact, and develop themselves.. In addition to it, the girls are still restricted from going outdoors, to distant places, or for a long ride, etc, to avoid the boredom.
Why should we curse the women then, on seeing the television and the serials in them.. After all, most of the films, or serials, show stories of some families na. Maybe the characters maybe strangers, but the theme and love they show among themselves includes the pangs of many women in this country. The unitedness of the family, romantic environment of the couples, laughter at the dinner table, huge( good)parties, etc etc.. you cant specify end to the wishes of a woman 🙂 And by women, i dont mean some of the modern teenagers or women, who are not respected by others, due to some reason. The non stop flowing of tears in these serials may resemble some of the desperate women in some families, who dont hav any hope in their life. You can always see, the woman in the leading role, always springing up and facing all the difficulties and troubles. There may be instances in real life, where either some ladies lead a large family and at the same time, some cases, in which they are crushed with various tortures and problems of life, which they cannot speak out.

I agree, the serials also hav very bad effect on the people.. But for every advantage, there is a disadvantage too.., whether it be films, serials, computers, newer technologies(mobile phones), internet, media, etc etc.. The extra marital affairs, and multiple marriages of same person, the crooked ways of destroying famly and relations.. but there is always a villain in a show or else the show will not go on..

So now on, u can curse the serials as much as u want..but also think why the ladies of your house watches them without missing an episode and what they are thinking of when they sheds a few tears over them…


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