Hot water

It was a weekday morning, and my house was working in full swing at 7am.
Switch on the geyser dear.” Amma’s voice in the background.

By the time I have my early morning tea, she was in the bathroom complaining,
Did you switch off the geyser early? Why, the water is cold!!“.

Don’t know why the water is always cold for you. Only for you! “, mumbled Appa.

Yes yes! This water is not hot enough for me!“, Amma accepted his sarcasm and kept mumbling about her plight.

I tried to pitch in to calm her down,
Maybe I turned in the cold water accidentally while filling the bucket…Or else there maybe problem in geyser. Now should I keep water to boil on stove?
Its okay, I am almost done for today!

Early morning scenes were always the same.

Years later, as I stand on the cold tiles of my bathroom in my house, the bucketful of lukewarm water stares at me. A voice in my head, that resembles the past shouts the same words again,
The water is not hot enough!

Winds in the mind

Up and down,
Here and there,
They ask the same again
Thinking that I would share.
How’s the weather
And how am I
The endless dam of questions
Tempting me to fly.
How do I reply,
But I still try.
Haven’t seen winds in a while,
Drowning in the waves all this time,
Hiding in the dark cocoon,
Deep in the ocean of thoughts,
Under the white moon,
Waiting to be rescued,
Thinking that I’m screwed.
Ignoring the voice
Screaming within
The only person that can set my life free
Is just me…

7 days of Black and white challenge

Have you seen the rounds of black and white photos storming up the social media.? I was quite late to the party, but still could complete this challenge, even as the #akbsmiles stopped in between.

The rules are: Seven days , seven photos in black and white of your daily life. No explanation, no people. Challenge a friend to join everyday. The challenge is open to all now, Why restrict to just 7?

So here are the 7 photos of my everyday life. Can you see the story in it?

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Innocent thoughts

At times, my daughter and I play this game of making stories with few key words. It’s interesting to see the thought process of young ones.
For example, yesterday evening, I thought of giving these few words. Boy, girl, love, movie, Try to imagine a storyline before reading further. How is your grown up mind thinking?

And this is what she said.

There lived a boy, girl, father and mother. The mother was very strict with them and had asked them not to watch television for long time. One day, when the mother went out to buy groceries, the siblings watched TV for long time as it had Shaun the sheep, their favourite cartoon show.. When mother found out she scolded and told them again not to watch TV for long time. The next day was a holiday. So she took them to mall where they watched their favourite movies for a very long time! And they lived happily ever after!


At the next turn, my crooked mind gave her totally unrelated words as boy, nail polish, food, Christmas. And without wasting a second, she started this.

Once upon a time there lived a boy, girl, mother and father. The boy was big and got money (I offered to put in job, and hence the money?). One day, he got home with so many Christmas presents which he bought with his money. He got nail polish for his sister, and food like Christmas cake for his parents. And they lived happily ever after.

Do I need to say, I am on cloud nine!? My baby can make stories faster than me!