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After months of inactivity in post creation, I thought of bouncing back using photo challenge on Instagram as always. But this time too I got distracted but for health reasons and couldn’t complete it beyond the second day. I kept thinking about the prompts though.

The prompt for the third day was “something beautiful” and I can’t think of anything else other than tv shows which shows beautiful relationships. I feel like I am taken to a fantasy dreamland of ideal and perfect relations so that we can forget the imperfections in real life. And we hang onto those visuals because it gives the hope that such stories exists. If not there is no hope in real life and we fall apart dejected. We find reasonings and justify the flaws in reel characters but we hesitate to do that ourselves in real life. Instead we end up demanding perfection from ourselves. We forget that life is indeed beautiful with all its ups and downs but rely on these creative arts to show that mirror to ourselves.

The K drama (Korean dramas) addiction is catching up onto me now. Yes, the actors are handsome indeed but the surprising fact is how the culture is so closely related to that of India. Some of the romantic dramas are so beautiful that it looks like a fairy tale.

The first series I watched was “Startup” though the series didn’t entice me much apart from Kim Seon Ho. The second series I watched just last week in an attempt to give another chance to KDramas was “Crash landing on You”. It totally blew me. The screenplay writing and arc of each character was all completed to perfection. The chemistry of lead actors (#BinJin couple) are mind blowing and worth watching. The North and South Korean divide reminds me of India Pakistan issues, gently reminding of Punjabis and Kashmiris and others scattered across North India due to partition.

The next in the list was “Crash course in romance” which depicts the examination pressure by teens. It’s heartwarming to see how anxiety and depression is portrayed and talked about like any other normal conversations. In the shows I watched I didn’t see any taboo attached to it and was surprised to see how the country accepts these. It shows resemblance with US shows where in having anxiety pills as regular tablets is common.

Then came “Descendants of the sun”, another famous show because of the popular leads(#SongsSongCouple). I had always avoided war military based movies because I am that weak hearted to watch the gut wrenching action and killing scenes. Though there was violent scenes, the generous peppering of the funny charming “double” love story brings the balance to the whole series. It also shows the emotional baggage carried by the partners of the military soldiers of any country.

“Something in the rain” was chosen because of the lead actress from “Crash landing on you”, Son Ye Jin, as I was impressed by her natural acting. The love story in the shows melts your core though it appears cheesy and kiddish at many instances. It’s excruciatingly slow especially with the same repeated music. The grey shade of the mother character is so realistic in many cultures.

Following the fandom and other articles, found this blog depicting same thoughts as mine on Korean drama and culture.

September month flew away with K dramas. I guess the addiction may continue in October too, unless I wake up from this drama reverie, when September ends.

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