Zipped up

#atozchallenge alphabet z

I did not had to look twice to confirm that it was her.
The bubbly flashy smile on the dark skinned round face with those big eyes was unmistakable. She was walking around in the mall with a lean dark-colored man carrying a young lad in his arms, without noticing my prying eyes.

The memories of good old days of hushed girlie giggles came flashing across my mind. And the fateful night, when she survived her act of sin in that small dingy clinic and our sighs of relief after the tense moments.
I wondered…
Did she remembered those days when she lost the zest for life.
Did the man who looked like her husband was aware of her past secrets.
Maybe not… Maybe yes. ..
But it didn’t mattered now..
Some secrets were just meant to be zipped up.


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