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Yamini sat there, reading near the balcony window. It was a self-help book, which she had ordered online last week. In between, she looked out the window to replenish her eyes and free them from fatigue.

The breakfast had been done. Seethamma cleared the table and did the dishes quietly. It was the same job and same routine towards her same lady owner every single day.

The sun was harsh. The pigeons were struggling to find a resting place in some of the balconies.One of them flew to her balcony.

Yamini looked up suddenly and remembered. She wheeled her chair to the nearby table and scribbled on a piece of paper. The pigeon kept on flapping its wings to find her way out.

As she tied the string with the piece of paper onto the pigeon’s neck with Seethamma’s help, it struggled to get free, and few pecks landed on her hands.
And then she was set free..

“I hope I get some calls or mails this week..”
She told Seethamma with a fake smile, who went on caring both their hands to soothe the pecks they received.

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