A-Z Challenge Reflection Post

Another monthly challenge is complete. Though unlike the blogathon in January, it was harder, but nevertheless complete.

Since I had a theme of Fiction Fragments, I tried not to write personal stuff and instead churn up more stories. If not a proper short story, I wanted to write some form of fiction infused with the personal thoughts which came across my mind. Of the 26 posts I had to do in April, the last week towards the end, I couldn’t come up with any story and rather had to rely on the “Thought Bubble” to speak for me. Though the theme was not mandatory for the challenge, I also cheated many times. There were days when I even had to back-date the posts.

Since there was an active Facebook group going, I had the chance to gain many blogger friends,by just interacting back or leaving comments on their blogs or sharing the posts, but I still couldn’t break out of my shell to do so. I have never been inclined to post comments for the sake of it, or to say the formal words “nice post”, “nicely written” etc. I was more interested in short fiction this month, to inspire my creative mind, and hence kept visiting blogs of Shailaja, Shipaa Garg, Leo, Ishithaa, Sreeja Praveen and Nabanita though I rarely had anything to say for commenting. Srilakshmi, Shailaja, Tulika, Suzy, Carol Graham, Aditi and Rajlakshmi kept commenting for support this month and I did enjoy their marriage advices and the jigsaw puzzles.

And it was due to this challenge which ruffled up the sparks in me to write “Anamika“, that I got published in Writer’s Ezine magazine. Though I have loved creating stories for the challenge, I realized the genes are not fully developed for writing. But since I got so many appreciation for the few fiction I wrote, my aim would be to improve the writing skills further. So back to more writing prompts from Write Tribe and Lillie McFerrin for inspirations…


  1. I understand what you mean about commenting. There were a few cases where I just couldn’t think of what to say, especially when I couldn’t relate. But it’s the same way that friends work. Some personalities are easier to get along with, because they share common interests. In my opinion, it’s better to hang out with those you can laugh and converse with, and not try to force yourself with polite obligation. (Or maybe I’m naive to the blogging world and have it all wrong. Who knows?)

    Either way, it was nice meeting you!

  2. Congratulations for completing the challenge! I too find many loop-holes in my write-ups which I constantly keep working on!We bloggers keep on evolving. The more we will write the more we will grow! Congratulations once again for β€œAnamikaβ€œ. Wish you rise and rise high πŸ™‚
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