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This week, we finally took a plunge.

An unpacked new OTG(Oven Toaster Grill) box is staring at me in the hall as I write this post. In most of the blogs I stumble across, I have seen many references to baking, as a skill or as a hobby. To pacify my creative side, I tend to do try such things at least once. So this week, the Google and Evernote will work harder to give me streamlined baking recipes. Though I have a sweet tooth, the main intention is to create one-pot dinners and snacks to save my time!!!

Since, this week also marks the end of the A to Z challenge, I am thinking of next set of experiments to keep my momentum. This would be the second blogathon I attempted this year, the first one being in January. And I realize “free-writing” is the genre I would really love to focus on this blog. And occasionally, the spread of 55-fictions and long descriptive stories. Yes, I could get hold of one category I love through these writing experiments.

Now, its been a long time, that I wanted to do a photography based challenge. From the time I had been active on Flickr after the photography classes, I had stumbled on many challenges on photography too. I am more inclined towards the phoneography, since its more practical with a toddler around, and with the plenty of instant effect/photo editing apps available in the store. But instead of the popular iPhone, it would be with a Nokia Lumia 520.

What say. which challenge are you gearing up next?


  1. I never got the hang of grilling with my microwave-grill, since grilling in the conventional way seems so much more effective. Maybe I need to read the instructions more thoroughly!

    Well done for getting this far… nearly there! I’m not ready for another challenge just yet, but I am htinking about Camp NaNo in July 🙂

    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April

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