What, why, who, where and how

Today, one of my friends made me think why are we living?

Do anyone has really thought of it.. There are actually many things in life for which we donno the answer. atleast i don’t. I believe there are some things which the human beings have created and we just follow what our ancestors are doing. The whole idea of socializing was created by the society itself.. why do we think, why do we eat, why do we live, why do we wear dresses,why do we keeo the rules and regulations, the narrow minded ness, the mannerisms, the good and bad behaviours, the status thingy, principles of life etc etc..
Surely the answer from the ancestors will be some divine people had thought of these things and had found the answers and hence we are following them. who knows it is true or not. Even the existence of life is a big question. how did life come into existence. all i know of the stone age is the jurassic park and lost world theories. who are the first person in the world. it differs among the religions. then who created the religions? all religions say about god. where is god? why do we pray?
::Tat was another question asked by my friend..

In the past, when i get bored, i used to ponder many of these things.. now, my thoughts are always related to feelings.. πŸ™‚ who created human beings. where did they get the ability to think. what does the mind do? what is this aritficial intelligence thing what are these emotions. why do we cry and laugh? what are these relations and why are they important to some of them..
Scientifically, there are branches of science which deals with most of these questions. but have they answered all questions? are the answeres provided by them convincing?

::i’m damn sure my friend would be laughing at me now.. πŸ˜€


  1. Lol… I don’t have the time to read the blog.. so I thought why not leave a comment in here :-p

    One suggestion:
    Write properly in good english so that no one can understand..

    Also I want to add this:
    When I was born, I was so surprised that I did not talk for 2 years!!

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