The Mindstorm

the storm is very bad….

today i feel tat human relations are very strange..the importance of friends in life and the role played by them in our life is always vague and is not descriptabthere is only a thin line between friendship and love if the both human beings are of oppos sex.and as usual, as human beings cannot understand what is happening around them, there arises misunderstandings which create more problems, and strangles the we try to straighten the ropes, it gets more tightened and twisted. But our mind doesn’t want to break the relations, which is a good but painful solution to the problem. Why we need these relations.. Especially friends.. Even if we have parents, siblings, or even lovers, we still need friends.. wats the special of these friends which makes them different from other friends.. The closest relation or similar relation to friends is the love.. If girls and boys become friends, cant they think of each other as girls think with girls or boys with boys. Is it the problem wit our society, or is it tat we cant understand their logic? wat is the place of the lovers and boyfriends for a girl and vice the physical attraction the only difference? wont u hang out with friends in beach or in restaurant or for shopping? dont the friends talk for long hours? dont friends miss each other? if these all things match with both, then wats the difference? gals and guys cant remain as close friends? why not? there shud be differences.. one cant live life only with friends.why? wat is the actual meaning of life partner? a partner whom u can live ur life with. doesn’t it give the hint that friends cant replace them. also there are some relations which dont hav a name at all.. many films have represented that theme..why do minds come closer with each other.. wat do they want?

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