Book Review – Chetan Bhagat’s novels

Five point someone and One night@the callcenter are the famous novels of the upcoming author Chetan Bhagat.

Personally i believe, Five point Someone is better than the second book, one night@callcenter.
Five point Someone deals with the story of 3 friends, Hari, Alok and Ryan, studying in IIT, Delhi and their experiences, wat all happened in their life during the 4 years of engineering. How they flunked in studies, and came to the five-point grades, and finally how they come out, the mischievous things they do at iit, the love life of Hari and Neha covers up most of the story.The humor is really practical ones and you feel you can relate the incidents to some in your life. Then at the climax, you may seem some incidents which is really fictional, but you stil can enjoy it.
I would rate this book at 7 to 7.5 out of 10 and hence i went on to read his second book.
One night@ the call center, gave some insights into the work of the call center people, how they struggles to earn money. The difficulties they have to face, what all they have to face from the society for working in a call center, and in that night what all happened to them. The synopsis of the book says they gets a call from God! and yes, this part is really really fictional and unpractical, that we, atleast i couldn’t enjoy climax to the fullest. It leaves us in the middle, asking us, wat did u people expect more from a God’s was just a like a granny story i felt.. Apart from that, it has the comedy as in the first book, but not as like with the college buddies. This book was concentrated on the working people, and hence was more serious kinda book. Actually saying you can consider it as a timepass book, but it gives the truth about how these agents are been tortured in offices, what value they ar given by the society, how they work additionally at night, other than the usual chores of the day.. you can say, the author came out of the iit life, and was trying to peek into the working people.. Overall i would give a rating of 5 to 6 only to this book..
Those who havent read these books, i would suggest the first book is good to read, but the second one, for people like me who read for fun, wont like it..


  1. Dear Chetan

    I have just finsihed reading your book ” One Night@the call Center” .


    Keep on Such writing.

    I enjoyed the ” Vroom ” .

    I am going to take your other (rather your first writings ) book Five point Someone.


  2. Dear Chetan,
    Five points someone is a really good novel, it goes very close to a common man. I became nostalgic when I was going through it. Tonight I M going to start your second boon One night@the call centre, let us see how it performs.
    I am a critic and a keen reader, I think you get this book translated by some one in hindi, so larger population can enjoy it. Keep in touch if possible.

    gsb iyer

  3. dear chetan sir

    I hav jst finished reading ur book “one night at the call center”.Beleive me its really a great book n all the six character of ur book is great n i love shyam and vroom yery much.At last wid my poor english u keep writing such type of fantastic books.

  4. hey i desperately want the pdf downloadable versions of “5 point someone” n “one night at call center”….

    plz send it to my e mail ID– *removed*

    thank u guys!!!

  5. Hi Chetan
    Its a great pleasure to read the ONE NIGHT @CALL CENTRE.
    But I wanna read it through my pc. can u

    plz send it to my e mail

  6. dear chetan…………
    ur book “five point someone”is really a great book.i enjoyed reading it.u have used layman’s language which is very much easy for the ordinary person to understand.

    for those who people who have not read his books must read them. they r very great….

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