Webscape Tidbits – Part 4

Webscape is back. I would try not to miss them again, but it actually depends on the various stumbled sites of mine, and based on how others help me out in providing and discovering links through their sharing methods.

1. http://firef.ly/ – For people who use Facebook, might have noticed that you can chat with people who are visiting the site at the same time along with you. I guess Firefly is similar kinda application that can be used on any site…. But useful only if many are visiting the site simultaneously!

2. YouTube Video Download Tool – Recently, owing to the extreme availibility of my broadband connection, I am watching more and more you tube videos. But the wait for it to load completely is terrible. Hence this download tool is extremely efficient in downloading all the clips to watch at a later time. You need FLV player to play them.

3. Stumbled upon the cool wallpaper links from Smashing Magazine.

4. Is it true that people can really identify the liars from the body language?

5. Another 3D interactive initiative from Google:: Lively is cooking up in the kitchen!

6. Lot of Twitter tools link got from Sreejith. Its not addictive until you get friends following you in twitter…  And so far, very few do follow me there.

7. Cool your brains if it got stuck up through Brainstuck comic.

8. Its very hard to find free mallu music on net, apart from various forums and registrations, But Vellithira contains quite a few goodies…

9. Answers for all your crappy questions sounds imaginative. But How to wiki has answers even for my boredom!!!  Great!!!

10. And finally a photoblog from Toronto. I love photography…

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