Culinary skills!!

Milkmaid!!! I have loved this small milky thing which comes in tin from my childhood.  remember the times when during my college holidays, I thought of preparing sweet recipes using milkmaid n all. I even used to have it as such in big spoonfuls! As it couldn’t be used anywhere else other than to make sweets, we seldom bought it. After all, who had the time at home, to prepare those goodies. There was the TV show in Kairali TV (Malayalam channel), which had milkmaid recipes shown for 5-10 mins, at certain random times late in the afternoon. The host was Lakshmi Nair famous for Magic Oven show. I remember trying out one of the recipes too at home.

Now being at Bangalore home, I had bought the tin last time we went to the supermarket. As I am vetti (without any work.. Ya I miss the Chennai slang! 🙁 ) at home, I thought of trying them out at sometime. Earlier I was not much into cooking and neither did I searched for them in internet, but now, I found that there is immense support for cooking newbies like me. But like any other housewife, I am not too much into it and neither that much addicted to it as yet. I do try out my favourite dishes of paneer (when there’s luck and time in your hand, why not? ) once in a while, and as RK is very much enthusiastic in cooking, I just help out at times and that’s it.

So coming back to milkmaid, I am now writing this, while crunching sweety-pineapple made of the same: Milkmaid, sugar and chilled pineapple.! mmm… Delicious!!!!

Bonus:: Last weekend had tried out Ice Coffee too.
Just blend in a mixer, frozen milk ( keep milk in fridge just few hours before you make the coffee), sugar, milkmaid, coffee powder and ice cubes and voila! Its done!

And nah, the quantity need not be mentioned in any of these small cocktails or even in the big big dishes, as there lies the creativity of every person to bring out the craft of blending various edible items into the delicious and nutritious thing called food through the art of cooking. Aint it?


  1. (Twitter copy)I made a choclate Ice cream with it once, when I was in 7`th or so, with the recipe behind the can’s wrapper. it took 5 hours and 450/- and all I got was 3 scoops. But it tasted good 🙂

  2. Ya…Milkmaid…even I love it straight out of the tin…long gone are those days…isn’t it? But didn’t try to make anything out of it myself…yet!! 🙂

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