Mélange – Random Tidbits – II

Continued from the previous post.

7. Its been very long time, that I had written a very long post, owing to make it easy for the readers (if any). But today, I am going out of control. Maybe its the silence within and outside looming around. People ask me if I am so bored at home, why don’t I try for job. Or they keep asking about the married life. I guess, every married girl of my age who got recently married, would have got fed up completely with such unanswerable questions they are pestered with. There is so much uncertainty about some aspects in your life and some decisions of our life, that it takes time to hit the bottom of the pit of thoughts. There are many I know who have got recently married and I am sure, they are asked almost the same questions like how’s married life or even the “dreaded question”. The answers maybe different as lives are not the same everywhere, (or are they? I mean atleast certain aspects???), but the questions are pretty much the same. I am sure, this is something which we can’t avoid from society and friends as silence is not preferred to “Wassup” and “hi,  how are you” and “nothing much” and “going on” at any cost…. Those are some inevitable pool of words which binds long lost people around the world. So I guess we need to accept it and acknowledge the fact that we cannot get away from them. So no more cribbing on that part I suppose…

8. Earlier, without no net connection and no job and stranded in a new place, I was feeling completely blank. Even though I have got full time net now, I am still not recovered. Whenever anyone asks me, what I do online, I wonder myself. Its just mails, orkut, facebook, blogs, google reader, and nowadays twitter. Thats it. Sometimes, I do search for cooking recipes or tips too to boost and enhance my creativity, not that I do like it, but as I am forced to. There were times when I used to download like hell and my 40 GB hard drive used to screech out needing more space. But see the fate. Though I got the money to buy myself a new 160GB HDD, there was neither time nor opportunity to fill it. But now, though I hav time, I am blank not knowing what to download or do with the unlimited net.

9. Its been almost one month that I am jobless now. How time flews by.. There was a moment when I couldn’t even imagine one moment being jobless at one point of time, and now, its over one month. And I do get so many advices regarding the same. I do miss Cognizant badly, but I think its not only because of the work I did. There was the satisfaction indeed of completing your work, which enthrilled you of your capabilities and boosted you of your self-confidence, and reminded you of your self-worth. And there was also the professional life style, which teaches you each and every moment about life. It teaches you that there could be friends whom you can miss like hell, once you are out of the circle and also that there could be enemies, whom you are not supposed to call as enemies, but just colleagues, and the mere thought of not seeing makes you happy enough and justify your moving out of the circle. And then, the mere gratification of receiving your salary at the end of the month, is inexpressible and the happiness is just like the master card advertisement, priceless!!!!

10. Staying aloof from the regular flow of IT jobs and all, and being at home, I feel there are many career choices you can actually have if you wish to work on. But the keyword is “working hard”. For every stream there are troubles and disadvantages along with the advantages. “The greener grass illusion” is not only applicable only among IT companies but also in every job. Rather, for that matter, in every action we do. Being at home is also one kind of work.. aint it? There are even options of working from home, or to turn to banking or govt. jobs, or teaching etc, or to go back again in IT stream again. But at times, it feels good to be at home, immersed in yourself with TV, net and yourself as company. But then, whats the final conclusion? As always undecided…

11. After watching JTYJN, you think the Aditi song is the one you are going to humm all time.. But nope, the “Kahin Tho..” and “Tu Boloon..” songs are superhits… A.R. Rahman has always been a fantasy and a master expert in such blend of music which slowly creeps into you, only when you hear it again n again. And you will never regret hearing it repeatedly… Be it any film….

12. Thinking of music, RK’s piano (not that he plays, but just dreams of learning it one day!) is lying over nearby eagerly calling me to touch it. For me, piano reminds me of the school music piano classes, which I wished to learn that time. Being the pakka South Indian that I am, I was already submitted to the world of Carnatic music rather than western, but I do appreciate both the worlds, after all both music are made of the same notes… I am missing my Veena sometimes. It did energized me in one way or the other. I am not sure what is the power of music in healing your mind and revitalising you. It suits you in any stage, and the various moods of it in itself is an art and its theory is fascinating like any other science..

So many hobbies or science exists in this world which are so fascinating, right? Like Astrology and related topics like numerology, tarot reading, hand reading etc and then the normal ones like music, painting, photography and now the blogging….

Does thinking can be categorized as a hobby? I wonder…

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