Toddler android apps for N

What do you do if you are a mobile freak and also a mom? You become an app freak!

I had a Samsung Galaxy 3 (not the S3), or the i5801 which had Android 2.1 Eclair OS. From the time N was conceived, I was searching apps on Android market with keywords baby, pregnancy, etc. Most of them gave weekly/daily updates on the growth of the baby and how the mother progresses health-wise  the 3D images of the embryo and all that. But that info was already on the internet. And how much info could you cramp into small MB’s? So the few apps downloaded were not worth it, but since it was free, I just left it there.

The real usage of apps happened once N became a toddler. The curiosity of babies at that age of knowing everything and anything is amazing. Even the movement of black ants, the movement of leaves or any small dust particle on the tile, the top inside handles on the car, the small beauty dots and knobs etc interests them. And I started looking out ways to pacify N in the car when we drove, or while I had a quick bite, or while reading newspaper. The search for toddler apps is on now. The few tested apps I have installed now are listed below.

Nursery Rhymes by Learnware Kids – Vol 1 to Vol 4 – All the volumes are very good and covers majority of the popular songs. But the Vol 1 is the hit with N. She loves Humpty Dumpty  falling down again and again. It seems the Vol1 has been stopped and is not available directly in the Google play. (I did some tweaks in the URL to provide it here!)

Toddler Lock – Good for holding the enthusiasm for few minutes while you complete some quick tasks. The child can press the main buttons and fiddle with anything and still it will not come out of the app. Only adults can stop the app.

A similar app is Bubbles, which just blows bubbles and pops on touch. Not quite captivating but very simple and light.

And the butterflies. It all started with the butterfly in the intro part of the Nursery Rhymes app. Instead of the rhymes N wanted to see butterflies fluttering all the time. So I downloaded the Live Butterfly wallpaper from Friendly Bugs. Crisp clarity, smooth movement, no ads, and free!!

Then there are animal sounds, ABC’s and phonics, but there would be always some catch. There would be some ads, or the free version may contain only few zone, the images and sounds may not be toddler/baby friendly, account at the website would be needed etc.

But the search is still on. For any app that is free and on Android. Sorry, not interested in the “iOS” only apps.

Any more suggestions? Which apps have you tried out??


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