The first day…

Sometimes internet is very kind. They introduce you to a cool group of like-minded people which may take years to find in reality. Even if their lifestyle doesn’t match with ours, there maybe something in common, over which we can talk about. Be it the bloggers, food, or craft, or technology, and now motherhood.

There have been several groups I have been part of from the time I logged onto the internet. The college days were just that, being fun, chatting and doing all the time pass, making friends on the way, whom we were taught never to trust. There were the geek techie forums, where people talked of processors and graphics boards and the gamers with their toys, and the various benchmarking things they do daily (as per the posts!). Then there are the mellow people who write so fluently and express themselves in various ways, dramatic, humorously, daringly through the wordpress and blogger platforms. All these people used social networks to interact with each other, and then the boom happened. Orkut, Facebook, and Twitter and many similar less frequented apps together increased the network connections to form a group of online friends, irrespective of place, religion, gender and age.

At the time of writing this, I am active only on Facebook and sparingly on twitter. And I am not a brand or part of business to advertise. Yet it consumes most of my time. Every single moment apart from attending to my toddler is spent on Facebook.

Yes, I know its the addiction.

But there are advantages too. From one of the blogger friend, I came to know of home decor blogs, and thereby some craft businesses in Bangalore. Although I don’t do any craft, I am amazed at the creativity of the marvelous things, the folk arts and crafts in  India. Be it the traditional arts of India by the villagers, or the handmade items made by hobbyists and SAHM (stay at home moms), it creates a void in me, forcing me to think of my productivity and skills I learned all these years.

And its from one of those linked blogger, I came to know of the marathon blogging in December by a group of friends. Though I haven’t committed and added myself to the group, because of my unconfidence, I will try invisibly to be a part of it.

And this is just the first post.

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