Peace in the corner

N is going to turn 1.5 years old tomorrow. And it feels like yesterday she was born and gave me that strange look with her big eyes!

And she has started being girly to my surprise! That means I need to look out for bands, bracelets, clips, bangles, necklaces, frills and all that! 😐 And she looks so grown up when dressed up in frocks. I have started to realize the fear in my mom’s eyes long back when I used to come late home. The fear of being a mother to a young one.. 

The favourite spot of N and I is the balcony from where we could see pigeons flying around the balconies of opposite apartment. N would sit on the edge of the balcony and  will ask me too to sit with her, which obviously I can’t. So the latest addition to our home was purchased. Two ‘mooda’s as they are called. One for me and other for N. This is how we spent the evenings till one week ago.. Forgot to take the photo with both the furniture.


And then last week my in-laws have come. Ever since she rarely comes to me. I wonder whether should I be happy with the freedom I gained or feel bit low because she does not screams out yearning for me anymore.. I guess it should be the former, or else I will not have had time for this post! 🙂 I am and will be her mom for the rest of my life! Lots of fun time ahead..

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