Film review – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

After being smitten by Aditi song from Sree, I was following up with the trailors of Jaane Tu.. everywhere in TV and in papers. The fancy words of friendship and love and the borders and all always excited me as any other young woman with no exception. The only problem is that it triggers me into the world of dreams and adventure of untravelled paths and pulls me into never-answered pool of life-related questions.

Like all other girls, I could only say “ga ga goo goo” over Imran Khan, as he is such a cute and handsome boy. Genelia too was cute and I am sure, almost all the guys who came to watch it, would be “meow“ing in their dreams that night. The rest of the gang played only side kick roles and you are not gonna remember them, unless they reminded you of some persons or events in your own college life.

The most unexpected part was that the story was so simple. I had thought of some twists and turns, but nothing happened. Within 15 mins of the start of the film I could realize what would be the end. And to top it all, my favourite song of the film was missing in it! But later I realized it was not the problem of the theatres, but that of the final editing itself. I love the voice of Sukhwinder Singh for the amount of pain and emotions he puts in every line of any song. And here, the lyrics of that song was also good.As explained in other reviews of the same by Deep, Sreeram and Ashwin, I could also sense the dragging of some guest appearances. The impracticality of the screenplay or the script especially in the later half, drove away all my excitement from me. It was like the much-hyped book “3 mistakes of my life“, of which some parts you love and some you hate. The film had the theme which resembled the Malayalam film “Niram” by Kamal; the similarity being reminded to me by a friend of mine.

But there was humor (would you call it rather situational-comedy kind?), there was freshness (there are so many new faces, and of which many are not so bad ones) and there was the energy, and not to forget the songs and the superb background music. I would rate it for 7/10 as its a good flick, if you want to time pass at home, watching it for over a 40 rs DVD with snacks at reachable distance from you.

And as expected, it has triggered again the thoughts in me, rather the partly answered question: Boys and girls can never remain just close or best friends forever. Is it??? What do you say???


  1. I am not agree with last lines.
    Boys and girls can be best friend and relationship between then not necessarily ends up in love.
    In fact my best friend is girl and we are sharing nice camaraderie.
    I am planning to watch Jaane Tu… with my fiancee soon when I will be meeting her.

  2. hi
    story was so simple.
    Boys and girls can never best friends.i accept that particular thought….I’m really accept…..that’s good.

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