The New Life

Just few more weeks to go….

Though the oncoming responsibility is nearing the shore to put down its anchor, for me, it still seems to be on the horizon. The realization will dawn over the time, I suppose, just like in the process of marriage…

Every month, on reading the fetal development facts online or from magazines, I am amazed at the marvelous project called human being created or formed by the Unknown. I presume, this complexity maybe far far higher than that from other organisms.

Until the kicks or movements arrive in the sixth month, you never realize whats going on in you. And from then, you have company. To speak to, to sing to, to dream of…

They say, its important to be mentally happy and free from tension at this stage. But everyday, from the television and newspapers, we find umpteen no. of dreadful news and sad incidents, full of negativity. The importance of getting self-inspired has gone much higher these days. And that itself is another daunting task.

The only solace these days, is the newly found interest in the home decor and interiors. The inspiration may have come from the nesting instinct growing in me coupled with the visions of a beautiful dream home and family…

Guess its the dreamy season raining. By the time I have got drenched in it, I would have been woken up from my slumber, never to sleep again for quite a while in the coming months, but with the golden realization of being a mom…


  1. congrats for becoming mother.
    one suggestion, at this stage get some school books (science) and get to subject.
    It will help you a lot. just try and let me know feedback.

  2. Many many congratulations… Being a newly wed myself, I can totally relate… however, dis excitement is here to last only for a couple of months… πŸ™‚ so make d most of it, till it lasts πŸ™‚

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