Back as a mom!

First post as a mom! Woohoo..!

I could find so many mommy blogs, who blog from day one, recalling all their experiences of the day and the D-day, and what not. I wonder where do they get time for all these. My li’l one, N is now 9 months, and still I could find barely enough time to write this post in a hurry. Just to keep the blog alive. And to remind myself that I could find time for myself..

But if I start writing on mommy things, this would turn out to be a mommy blog which I don’t want to. Rather I consider this as my personal blog, which could contain these kind of posts too, but along with it, I feel it should contain some techie things which I browse, the new mobile which I am using, or other philosophical and innermost thoughts, my conflicts on whether to join job or not, my new found interests in home decor and my new home etc etc.. Hmmm..

Meanwhile checkout other mommy blogs, I found recently. Not the popular ones, but good blogs of mothers who shared their day-to-day life as mom, but which may not have comments, and some of which may not have been updated recently…

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