Long time!

Yes its been long time. When I started this blog, I never had plans to update it daily. It was just a medium to vent out my ramblings. I never bothered about the frequency of the posts, or the topics I plan to write about etc. And because of the same, i got many ‘suggestions’ from the readers, that the writing could be more better, etc etc. I guess, at some point I fell into the trap of money-making business through blogs. And so, after a surge in the readership, page views, ad clicks, irrelevant topics, and river of processed and hand-picked words, this blog saw the downside of it all. It remained silent…

Today, after many days, I chanced upon a blog, rather a personal blog, in which the author, would not have had a second thought in penning down her emotions, or would not have bothered about who would read them, or what they would think of the author etc. It reminded me, a glimpse of who I was a few years ago. At that time, I too poured out whatever came in my mind, without checking how long is the sentence, or without revealing the names, or without bothering whether my friends would read my secrets. I missed her, the old me..

And lo, the writing streak appeared once again in me. I realize now, that I was not bored of the blog or the process, I was rather fed up of the ‘big’ and ‘successful’ blogs, which I was trying to imitate. On retrospection, I could find many posts, in which the opinion written, is not the same at this time. I wish I could rewrite them, thinking of all the aspects which I missed out that time. I feel I was not writing as a human being, rather flowing in the sea along with others, in trying to grab the keywords, and popularizing the posts and blog.

What a strange coincidence it is. The ‘new life’ inside me has brought back the memories of the ‘old life’ I had, and maybe transforming myself to a ‘new me’.

I am unsure of what to think of the ‘movements’ I feel in me. Am I to be reminded of the huge blows I am gonna receive in the future leaving me shattered or consider it as huge waves which is gonna cleanse me and give me the happy feeling of enjoying them?
I guess its both…

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