The key to the secrets

The silence is so monotonous. Among the clouds there is a streak of light. It illuminates the piece of green land. The mountains behind is enormous enough to make the human beings smaller. LIfe is indeed bigger. The rain of thoughts then starts to pour down. Very heavily. The weight of thoughts seems very heavy to the head. The eyes succumb to the pressure of the weight and close the eyelids. The breathing became strong enough like the storm winds blowing on the face.
Sleep beckons.

While struggling to come up with meaningful writings, I found upon ways to discard the laziness in my mind, through the form of writing called Free Write, in which you don’t worry about the rules, norms, regulations, expectations, word count, theme and other things which hamper the creative juices. With the prologue above, the following is just an attempt at the same.

key Source

The Wednesday prompt at the Write tribe community of bloggers is “the key to the lock”. And my mind starts the query to the database and brings out the results which I start reading one by one.

The key.

What key can you talk about. I could so vision some of the bloggers in the community doing fiction where in someone opened the drawer like a thief or as opening a chest of gold, key to memories, secrets and all that.My mind brought the random phrases too, but not the storyboard.

It was the after effect of reading the free romantic novels available for free on Kindle, to try experiencing the new and upcoming method of reading through gadgets, in the month of love, February.

For me, the key was to something else. The key to the passion, the key to the love towards a person and definitely in a sensual way. But no way I would want to blog about it. The last time I poured out the descriptions creeping in my mind verbally, the blog was subsequently rejected by an ad company who wanted only “good” blogs to place their ads.

Its strange that something as basic and historical as key to the acts leading to human reproduction needs to be written mostly in double meanings. Though its hideous mostly in repressed societies, the civilized ones too do not appreciate talking about them in a good way.

Few days ago, had stumbled on the Wikipedia on the many rituals in various other religions, and supported by history which considers them as spiritual rather than as worldly pleasures.

And there exists, in the same society, perverts of the malicious kind, causing danger to human beings by bringing in violence on each other.

So they still remain like Pandora’s box which when opened, flows out a plethora of secrets, pleasurable and mysterious, which remains unknown to the majority of the human beings.

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