He had never been so sure of the future ever before. His dreams were coming true. He was excited and happy just thinking of the days ahead. He had cleared both the aptitude tests for enrolling in the higher studies abroad. And now with the official scholarship letter in hand, he clicked on the submit button of the resignation form.

Within two weeks, he needed to fly. The wings were taking its shape for the long flight. It took him quite a while to sunk in and accept the sudden change in his life.

Two days later, his boss introduced him to the new entrant to the project and his replacement.

“Hey Neeraj, This is Aarti. ”

She looked exactly the same. The same face which he had admired for long and waited for hours to just get a glimpse of her . The sudden introduction had pricked his concealed pot of memories sharply and the moments of flashback started flowing as if it all happened yesterday. He had been given another chance to water the sapling of love planted in his mind years ago, in his college days.

This sudden twist in the film he lived, drove him into a state of delirium. For a second, he wondered whether he is too late.

“Hello”. He offered her a formal handshake and a warm smile.

The tryst was now, with destiny.

Written for writetribe.


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