Reality of the fantasy

It was just another evening, but it was very dark already.
Nevertheless she stepped out of the office, to her PG which was just two stops away.
Three pairs of eyes talked to each other in a language, no one else could understand, before attacking her.

Her eyes were folded with red ribbons symbolizing love and hands tied to the bed posts.
The imagination unleashed with the tingling body senses while he immersed her in the fountain of love.
As the ecstasy led her into a trance, she woke up to come out of the bubble of dreams which burst silently.

Her dreams were ripped apart by the ravishing beasts in the form of human beings.
The reality was not only completely different from the fantasies she had earlier but were also more brutal.
She lay in another fountain of blood, bursting every bubble of future dreams, and carrying the shreds to the after life.

Aftermath of the build-up of this post written for yesterday with some inputs from this article on fantasies.
Written for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – Day 1 – 9 sentence fiction.
Writetribe festival of words


  1. It is the same dehumanizing and wicked assaults happening.But I am not clear how she could fantasize when she was under attack.Sad for the innocent girl

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