The Gift

#atozchallenge Alphabet  G

She was scribbling with the crayons on the paper. The colors gelling into each other to create new shades. Her words and feelings were pouring out.

It was raining. The raindrops made sound on her balcony railings. But she couldn’t hear it
She indulged in the artwork she loved to do everyday.

She was too busy to notice the unexpected visitor in her room.

“Wow!! That’s a nice drawing..dear..”
“Hmm..Let me see.. there is a house, tree, that a river?”

She stared at the expressions of the motherly face, and nodded.

Her eyes worked great though she couldn’t hear.

Wordcount: 100
Written for A to Z challenge, under the theme, “Fiction Fragments“, but also linking this post to “100 words on Saturday” at WriteTribe, where the prompt is “an unexpected visitor”.


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