Fortune Cookie

Alphabet F

It was the peak time of the traffic. Two wheelers, three wheelers and the four wheelers, including the mammoth ones kept honking in a disarrayed order. The streaks of sunlight placed shadows at 45 degrees. The cafe was open, but with very few customers.

I sat there, with the capuccino, analysing the heart symbol on the froth. It was at this same cafe, he held my hand few years ago.

Seasons had changed

He had been noticing the beautiful face for months now. She came frequently, always wearing the same made-up smile over her sad face, and sat at the same corner seat after placing the same order, a mug of capuccino, every single time.
He too thought of the heart symbol, he made on the froth over the capuccino, to the first and lone customer in the cafe that morning.

“Hey, bill please..”
I waved and he nodded.

He gave the balance amount with the fortune cookie.
“Cookies are free with the first order every day”.
I smiled thankfully while picking them up.

I walked to the bus stop dreading the return trip in the crowded bus. The shelter was empty since all the people were standing on the road, waving at the buses. I sat in one of them, and prepared the bus change, when it stumbled onto my palm.

Munching on the cookie, I read the words written on the wrapping paper, again and again.
Do not peep through the window, just open the door

It was handwritten.


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