A2Z Theme Reveal Fest 2014

The blogger friends at Write Tribe are participating in A2Z challenge in the month of April, and they have their theme reveal festival today. I was so excited about doing another challenge in February when they announced it then, since I was basking in the glory of completing the January blogathon. That was my first blogathon.

But the concept of bringing in a theme is entirely new for me. I had to dig in my strengths to find out the skills I could rely upon to churn posts for 26 days. That was tough.

But in the recent days, rather than detailed essays, or personal ramblings, my mind is bursting with characters, plots and imaginary scenes. I even wrote one or two short ones, may be not the best ones, but some drafts I could work upon. Then I realized, maybe I could try my hand at churning stories.

So that would be the primary theme for A2Z challenge starting in April. Fiction fragments, with no word limit or specific theme so that I could go easy on me. After all, I am a newbie!! 🙂

I am not sure whether I could stick to the theme the whole month. May be I would come up with some random posts to complete the challenge, or may be not posting at all, since its school holidays, but nevertheless, I am plunging in right into it.

There is no benefits anyway, staying behind at the pool bench any more.


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