Day 2 – Rants on Xmas

N has started talking a lot. And I mean a lot. It amazes me how they catch words without we ever knowing it. They say, between 18 and 20 months, they learn language very fast and can say upto 50 words! She has started forming sentences too and can say ‘no’, ‘yes’, and all native songs that we have been singing to her. Especially the action songs. Finally, its the parents and the grandparents who has to learn all the songs and lyrics to entertain her.

Since December has started, I have also placed the X’mas star and a small xmas tree. The star has been a ritual from my childhood, and I remember how my father would stand on table and draw wires out to hang the star. After coming to my new house, I wanted to follow the same routine. Of course N enjoys the lights from last year itself.Long back, baking was not done in everyone’s house, especially non-Christians, and hence we would buy cake on X’mas eve just to celebrate Christmas.

Last year, I started a new ritual for my house. We bought a mini xmas tree and also decorated with stars, bells and round balls and illuminated with light. N was just 8 months old then, and still could enjoy the lights. This year I have repeated the same, but she has grown enough to understand and call out star, tree, balls, lights and everything. I did another first last time, and it was to bake a cake, that too in a pressure cooker. I remember doing it in the middle of the night, but not sure, whether on 25th or so. The excitement was great and I enjoyed the whole process. This year also I planned to do the same. Lets see how it goes that week.

Among other things, I am trying to be active on twitter and foursquare, finding restaurants and reviews, places to hangout amidst the preparations of moving out from cocoon of baby mother to regaining independence and hanging out to places we couldn’t in the past 2 years..

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