The cord of love

Warmth of solace,
And the freshness in your face,
Blended in a smile full of grace,
Lifts me up from my deepest gloom
And showers me with a deep embrace,

The peace and love blooming from you,
Calms down my heart when its blue,
Patting my back when I was two,
And caressing enough when I had the flu.

Its you who lived in me as the soul
Pushing me forward to attain great heights
Inspiring me in all my ups and downs,
Enabling me to overcome my hidden frights.

Along the path you showed,
I walked and walked,
When I needed you, I turned back,
To saw you and him, always being around.

Then the time came, and I had to leave,
You just fulfilled your duties, I believe.
I saw your anxious tears filled with love,
Bestowed upon me your prayers and faith,
I realize the value of our bond,
Is stronger than the umbilical cord.

PS: Happy Mother’s Day!


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