Election madness!

Only a fortnight to go. Then all the results will be out. And all the election craziness will stop. Its not that I do not like to vote, or does not support democracy and all that, but I just hate the campaigning methods. They seek attention creating all the rumours and speeches or bashing the other parties. They create road blocks by visiting all the small roads and houses to show their “affection”.  I recently saw one or two roads tarred. Those were the worst main roads, with lots of pits n all, as if the road was built on sand. I am not sure whether it got maintained due to the complaints or due to the election fever. And most of all is the Prime Minister seat chase. Should I call it hilarious?

I am really counting the days…


    1. well, I couldn’t. We didn’t transfer the voter id from our native state to here.

      I am sure, everyone wants to vote, but its the hitches and hazzles that disables them.

  1. Heck! You are still lucky, they couldnt find my name on their register … @#*&@*&($^ … it shows up nicely on jaagore.com, but no … without an entry in their godforsaken register, you cant vote!

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