Mélange – Random Tidbits VII

..::.. Have you seen the new Domex Ad? Recently, I was watching the television with a plate of beautifully cut sweet mangoes, brought from home town. They were incredibly sweet, delicious, tasty, juicy and all that you wanted in them. As soon as I placed the fork with the mango on my tongue, the screen in front of me displayed the disgusting photo of the toilet with all “those” stains all over it!!!!

Agreed, that the product is to clean the toilet and hence it maybe required to show them, but why the unclean parts? Does ads for the sanitary pads show the blood and the used pads? Or to show the comfortness of panties, do they show the private parts? I wonder why then there is no objection to the toilet ads then!!

..::.. Being encircled with Roger Federer’s fans, I was off late forced automatically to know more about him. From the famous tear shedding events to the recent French open expectations, I have been following his each and every step and game and match along with RK. Only difference is that while RK follows Feddy’s game style and form, I follow his love story and his cute personal life, sharing his happiness over expecting fatherhood, and marriage, invisibly. Haa.. Men, Women and the differences!!

..::.. The first anniversary is over. For some the first birthday, the first anniversary, the first festival, all makes a special difference. I wonder why. After the first year, I don’t find any difference now in this “first” and the second or the third.. I mean, I do not remember celebrating first year in my school. Rather I was crying like hell! Still, there are people who remember their first kiss and first date. Guess its different when it comes to events relating to relationships!!!

..::.. I know these days, I am not at all frequent in writing the blog posts. I wonder myself at the situation. I do not have bloggers block or writer’s block. I am not busy. Maybe I am lazy. Yes maybe. But as per old sayings, there is no cure for laziness. Which means I have an incurable disease now.

Talking of diseases, the dental problems is not enabling me to have my pizzas and sweets these days. These days, root canal treatment has been popular like eyebrow threading or waxing I suppose. I went there, thinking they would just fill the cavity or something like that, and there they were, smiling and announcing the prices and details of the “dental treatment” and other “medical jargons” as if the procedure is like the injection taken for a fever or some other disease and I am the guinea pig!

Guess I should stick with my minimal diet.

..::.. Apart from Orkut, Gmail, Facebook games, and Twitter, the other things that keeps me busy these days is the Telivision. Not that I am enjoying being at home, but some things in my mind has yet to be fallen in the groove or the river to flow along.

The serial sickness is not returning thankfully, but I am happy that TV shows have come out of the saas bahu soaps. Different varieties do exist now, though the dragging and slow motion of the screenplay still exists.  Child marriage, girl child homicide, the poverty, exploitation of women below poverty line, the outdated rules of yesteryears still prevailing deep inside the villages, etc reminds me of the black news in the second page of the daily newspaper. We discard the serial programmes as methods to lure the Indian women, but when we see the news regarding dowry deaths, prostitute harassment on the roads, we close our eyes too.

..::.. Speaking of development, as like every other person, the expectations from the newly formed government is very high. Though I am not much into politics, I disliked the religious comments and remarks spread through out the elections and campaigns. I am happy that the drama and the show case ended.

The boosting up of the sensex points have lighted a hope in me. The recession times have been bad enough, not only for me, but to so many persons i know. Though not directly, the fear of job loss and uncertainty is hard to live with. The rising favour towards the governments jobs and the unfavourable attitude towards the IT jobs is kinda displeasing. I could never disown the IT private jobs, just because of its uncertain job security, especially after working in one and experiencing the thrill. Agreed its quite a daunting task to keep the stress levels, and the pressure in control, but there are some people who like the wild success, despite the money. And I don’t find anything wrong with them.

Nevertheless, I just hope, the recession may end soon, and a time will come when I could sleep peacefully without the unavoidable uncertainty, atleast professionally, if not in life.


  1. interesting to see the life of a housewife AKB,although i must say urs seems comparitively more crowded than mine 😀

    btw – In case u didnt realise, this is Kavitha Krishnan from cognizant(ex)

  2. i meant busy…internet and television….u seem to have quite a lot of things happening in ur life :))
    atleast more than mine since i have only the internet and that too mobile internet for the time being 🙂

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