Tear Analysis of Roger Federer

It seems every Monday of this year is hitting me hard. Last month, a similar Monday, I had started off the new year. And today, I start off another month. But the situation remains the same. I did try to ward off the blues but I guess, its the hangover of yesterday’s match which made Roger Federer cry!! (Yeah, I do keep blurting out PJ’s in between to cheer up myself!)

From last night, I had so many ideas in mind, but the clouds didn’t seem to clear. I was reading whole morning of the news reports of the Australian Open Final match. Especially the interviews and photos. Not that I am such a dying hard of both the players! (I came to know about tennis and these two only very recently, thanks to RK) The outburst of feelings and emotions, and then the consolation of Rafael Nadal, had stirred my mind regarding the friendships among the rivalry. And also the common topic of men crying in public.

I was against Federer yesterday as he did so many mistakes, and the crying face tempted me more against him. I searched the wikipedia and found that he has been emotional from the early times. That triggered me. I had expected him to play in a good form, but something the way he played clearly depicted that he was really mentally stressed out. He had become an emotional study object for me last night and today morning. Not him in particular, but in general, some stream of talented people do have an emotional tinge to their personality. Maybe we expect the celebrities to live upto their expectations, and they realize it more than we do. And maybe this expectations and the hopes from their friends and family crushes them to the limits enlarging the stress.

In many cases, people strive to remain fit in shape, top the stardom, achieve success and manage the incoming applause. For this, they may have several managers, or assistants and trainers. But to handle the emotional part, be it the success or failure, be it the stress or worries, there is no one to help. We can only rely on ourselves. People say there are family  and life partner for that purpose,  life partners etc etc, but unless we give in to them, how can they support us?  Even the doctors advise that we need to feel that we will overcome the ailment, to actually overcome it. Maybe its the thing popularly known as the will power.

As for yesterday’s match, nothing much of the match mattered to me. Roger Federer looked so cute and handsome! 😀 I don’t envy Mirka. She too is cute, and they make a handsome couple! Nadal? mm.. Nah.. He looks too athletic, and not my type! 😉


  1. Mondays are blue and so is his shirt! 😛
  2. No, I still don’t know mostly about tennis! Maybe Nadal plays better now!
  3. After the second set, Star Sports were showing both players changing to their fresh t-shirts!!!

Ahhh.. Did I faint???


  1. It was unbelievable tennis played by the two. Just couldn’t watch Federer lose though. So I quit by the time I was sure that he would lose. He made far too many mistakes. 🙁

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