Gandhi and I…

January 30. The day when the father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was assassinated.

I remember this day from the school. At the assembly, on this day, we would be reminded to follow the silent standing ceremony at around 10 or 10.30 am. The bell would ring at an odd time in midst of the class period, and we would all stand for one single minute in silence to commemorate the assassination of Gandhiji. We considered this break a warm welcome to the same routine of the teaching. In those days, I don’t remember having a break in the morning session.

In the high school, we had to study full history and autobiography of Gandhiji, “My Experiments with Truth”, in the form of English-II subject. Though it was the edited or the simplified version, we had to study his whole life. It was interesting at some points, but from the point of view of exams, it was not. I even once wondered, if Gandhiji was not there, we would have escaped this subject etc!

When I was in school, I remember watching the film Gandhi, on either August 15th, January 26th or October 2nd. But I remember the school book rather than the film.

The chapter which preached about saying the truth is one which I never will forget. The description of how Gandhi’s father made him cry, reminisce of my parents. I don’t remember any instance when they have scolded me very badly or beat me for my deeds. The disapproval was visible from their faces and that was enough for me to realize. I have tried my max not to lie to them ever. By the way, does hiding some facts equals lying?

I have wondered sometimes, if at all he was not assassinated, maybe he would have succeeded in reducing the Indo – Pak tensions or done something to reduce the religious conflicts in India. How would he have reacted to the current scenario? Especially the Indian Hindu culture being popularized by our “dear” political parties! There are still Sathyagraha’s being following the path of Gandhi to gain justice. In Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala its a daily routine before the secretariat. The instances have been mocked up even in films. But do you think the effect of the Sathyagraha is prominent and is being listened by the leaders? Will there be any leaders like Gandhiji who can free India from these religious barriers?

I hate politics. And thankfully, Gandhiji also never entered politics. May he rest in peace!


  1. While it is true that Gandhi had tremendous inner strength to try and take people along in the struggle for independance, it is a legacy of the congress to have seemingly put up his name up above every other freedom fighter.

    Also, our history books are so watered down that they rarely provide enough detail about what really went on during those thirty years before Independance. For example, the squabbles between Gandhi and Bose and the eventual disgust with which Bose left despite being in a position to be elected as the head of the congress. And Gandhi’s firm refusal to listen to conflicting opinions and bull-headedness.

    This is evident in his support for the Khilafat which wasn’t anywhere near his hindu-muslim bhai bhai rhetoric. His politicking within the congress and his dancing arnd the issue trying to ensure that Jinnah wouldn’t go ahead with his partition plan is a known issue.

    So he wasn’t quite away from politics. Far from it. All said and done, he did in fact do great service for the country. But was far from perfect. Read up on ‘freedom at midnight’ for a better view of the geopolitics during that time. It isn’t exactly an unbiased view but good enough to start with.

  2. Well, I will try to differ here..
    I hate Ghandi..
    he had much in his hand than we think.. He could have saved Bhaght Singh from being hanged.. and did you read his experiements with Brahmnacharya..

    he has slept with many young women, with his collegue’s wife.. and what not..
    I hate this guy.. he was one selfish guy.. accept it or not… lets face it.. well thats my opinion…

  3. Hi its good to know someone remember Gandhi’s assinated day.I too read his book.They are truly inspiring.He was truly Father of Our Nation.Because of him we are enjoying our freedom.
    We all have to remember his sacrifice to nation.
    Jai Hind

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