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This March, the love theme has got extended in the Festival of Words, organized by WriteTribe. We were asked to write about the blogs we love, and to spread the wings of love(cliche!!). And it makes my choices hard, as there are so many blogs in my Feedly, which I love. Unfortunately, some of them are not that frequent anymore, but thanks to the renewed interest of blogging, I get to see new set of bloggers too. Following are some of the blogs in no particular order, who I wish really should get more attention, love, inspiration, and popularity.

Pretty pink pebbles – Its a new blog which I came across very recently. She is more into art and paintings, but has a few short stories too. Though I have always been not interested to read the long stories posted in blogs, the stories in this blog had me hooked. The narrative, the vivid descriptions, and the slow style is so captivating that the story has left an imprint in my mind, and I could see it replaying it every now and then. I so wish she would write more fiction.

Maya the eternal dreamer – I stumbled on this blog during the January blogathon. Her blog post on her take on Ramayana and Rama, instantly made me follow her. Through her sense of humor in the posts that followed, she made way into the hardware registers in my mind rather than the volatile virtual memory. Looking forward to more of her personal rants and views in pure South Indian-‘ishtyle’.

Hallucinations – Her works are already published online, some of them in Women’s web, which I subscribe to. One of the few blogs whose posts resonates the personal views and opinions in a straight forward manner. The writing is simple and straight from the heart which touches a chord in mine too.

Happy reading all the blogs!!
Day 2 – Festival of Words at Write Tribe – Blog love


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