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I have already written about Free Write in this post. Today I am supposed to write another one for the Festival of Words.

“Knock knock”, I knocked on the door of mind.

It opens for me, and I peek inside to see darkness. But I still stumble my way into it. Slowly the atmosphere seems to be a familiar one by now.

There is a table alongside one wall. On it I find some papers. Some scribblings. Someone was penning down vigorously, treasure and hidden in this mind shell. As if taking the cue from the various detective thrillers like Byomkesh Bakshi, Tehkikaat and CID, which I used to view on TV, through the gap between the fingers, while watching my father for reactions and expressions, and keeping my ears open for the warning sounds, I moved across the dark room. The paintings of some unknown people hung on the opposite wall, as if the scene is directly taken from the Manichitrathazhu (remade to Bhool Bhulaiya in Hindi) film.

All the while I think of how to engage the readers to my article when I blog about this new find. I would link to my past posts and also to the Wikipedia mentions of those serials.

Unable to explore into the darkness, I go back to the papers, and start reading them. It seemed to me like some love letters. Letters to mom, letters to God, letters to some special ones, all in the cursive handwriting used in the historical pages. Thin lines and curves made with dark ink, dipped and written using quills.

The history reminded me of the recently done Jaipur visit, where in I was taken to the abode of the royal families. The cries of the womans whose kith and kin died in enraging battles pierces my mind. I shrug the thoughts off, to come back to the present.

I collect all the papers and carry them out. I close the door back and slowly make my way out. I could see nerves and blood vessels flowing around me, but not in a bad way, but instead as a living proof of a real, working mind. Without glancing towards them for a second look, I climb down the stairs reappearing in my room, as in a Sci-fi movie, without any scars or hurt thinking victoriously that I finished writing the piece for today’s writing exercise at the Write Tribe.

Day 3 – Free Write – Festival of words at Write Tribe.


  1. Really amazing Archana!
    This Post had me travelling in the maze of my mind too! Yes, even I loved watching those detective serials! Great that we have so much info in our brains & access them when we Knock! Knock! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by to read my review of SKSE. Do watch the movie as my review hasn’t given away the story- lots of twists & turns & laughs in store!!! 🙂 Thanks to your feedback, i added a Note now 🙂
    Anita recently posted…Shaadi Ke Side Effects – ReviewMy Profile

  2. Because every free write takes us further into the craziness of minds. And yes we all find such things interesting observing the pattern as closely as ours 😀
    Richa Singh recently posted…Free WriteMy Profile

  3. And you have done a great job here, yet again. think will follow write tribe, right away. sounds good. like the way you close the door back. this post left me with pictures in my head. 🙂
    Ana recently posted…The Beetle GirlMy Profile

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