Silent passengers…

The rise of a new dawn,
Or is it another dusk,
Yet another week forlorn,
When bygone memories sink

Change is needed indeed,
But not that much to carry the soul away,
Thats too much then I feel,
To live a life with dead hearts which doesn’t awake,

Some say, life is a quest,
From which we churn the answers,
And very few do we trust,
Amidst the hunt, without fears,

Why the customs n the rules,
If they cannot sustain the bonds,
Its hard to live like a mute,
To pertain to life without fonds,

But why blame the rules, when the near can stand
To wash away the pearls and golden moments,
As if all the hope and love I do is just pretend,
And giving back is not worth even a few cents!

Its time I realize my priorities; they explain,
But to foresee not, the throne i bestow them,
Their blindness do pricks, and thrusts damn pain,
After all, how can they do to me such a maim!!!

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