Book review – The Alchemist

Hi my beloved heart, are you listening?

If ever you wondering whether I have gone nuts, no, I haven’t. I am just following what “The Alchemist” preaches. The book, written by Paul Coelho puts forward the quote “Follow your dreams”. I got the book for just Rs. 195 in exchange for gift vouchers I had with me. I had heard about this book long ago, but I was not into following the dreams that time. Rather I thought its about self-inspirational and motivational theme, the genre which I felt I ‘d never need. But having no other option than to get myself busy with some thing or the other, I starting reading about the alchemist and travelled along with The Boy in his journey.

There are several good quotes in the book, which are thought provoking and which provides the insight into the reality. Till the middle of the book, the quote which lingers around is the one which rhymes like, “When you work towards achieving your dreams, the entire universe conspires to help you to succeed”.For a second, I thought how the universe has helped me in achieving my dreams, when all I see is shattered dreams. Then again I tried to justify whether, what has happened is it what I dreamt of. I still don’t have an answer. Or maybe I am reluctant to accept the fact?

The book also speaks of love as part of the Soul of the world. Most of the religions and their practices speaks of spreading love and to love thyself and others. But I have not liked the way, the love story evolves in the book. The normal boy meets girl-love at first sight-kinda scenarios I can never accept, and I can never believe in it. But I do accept the quote it says, “listen to your heart as it speaks the truth”.

There are many more instances in the book, which makes us reminds of the old wise sayings of our elders. About life, about following our dreams, about reality, about the difficulties to face, about the omens we see, and especially, about relying on our heart and self. The strange thing is this book, as far to me, never portrayed about the emotional conflict and the social aspect we need to follow in the life.

There are many reviews online about this book, which speaks on and on about the inspiring quotes and how the book made an impression on them and all. This review provides some of the quotes provided in the book, while the wikipedia enlists the whole story in the form of summary.

Rating: 8/10


  1. I bought the book at 6pm and by 12am it was “within” me. I have just did what the boy did.On 17th june, I left my computer hardware business to pursue my dream to achieve “something” that is my “aim”, now have joined a job for just rs10000/- at Mumbai while previously i was earning more than 30000/- at home. No i have not come to mumbai to be a part of film industry , i want to achieve “something” related to humanity , a tribute to my only love “azal”. The book has inspired me a lot and now i am trying to “talk to my heart” and also “trying to understand the universal language”.

  2. This is one of the best books that I have read so far… And to say u about the number of books that I have read, it is only 4… But the characterisation of the boy really impressed me… I wouldnt say that the boy was trying to reach his dream… he was almost living for his dream… Whenever he has to make ouf of choices, he gone towards his heart… And more important is that the book tells us a truth “Never Ever Give Up….”.

    Hey Archana… I wanna read more books…. But I lack patience a lot… So could u tell me some good books that you have read which helps me to make book reading a habit???

    1. @@@kash, yes, to go with your heart and dreams is what every human wishes to achieve, but fails to do cos of circumstances and setbacks. I guess this book inspired many to go ahead with their dreams.

      @Bala few more books? check out the other book reviews i have done here. Also it depends on the type of books. Say easy reading, or fiction or inspiring books like this one, etc etc. Which one do you prefer?

  3. @Bala: checkout then “The Present” by Dr Spencer Johnson, and “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Alboom. Those are the two inspiring books I have liked other than Alchemist.

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