Scribbled Memories

Laugh or not but the below images are of something I scribbled with pencil in a diary 20 years ago… I loved writing with pencil than pen in those days, with its screeching sound reflecting how I am scrubbing all the dirt from my mind away…

Stumbled across old journals while shifting home and ended up reading them doing soul searching for today. Some notes were unrelated, some so naive and judgemental, some crazy weird gibberish nonsense! Realised that some thoughts have roots so deep that my heart is aching at the slow realisation of the gravity of how hard it is to pull them out!??.??

The second one is few more years older but without any date. Still wondering why am I posting this! ???.??Unfortunately though I really want to renew the reading habit, I haven’t got past few pages of the book in the third one. So bringing myself to the conclusion that I am posting these to start practising what I read till now! 

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