Welcoming 2019

As 2018 ends and a new year begins, I nudge myself up to water my creative cells. I checked upon the photo challenge #fmspad which I did successfully in previous years. The photo prompt was “yellow”. I kept humming the Coldplay Yellow song wondering what yellow thing in the house could be my guinea pig this time. My eyes rested upon the yellow bed sheet below me. The brown flowers called out to me for attention.

…And I wondered why not this bedsheet? A simple Bombay Dyeing bedsheet and unmatched pillow covers of another bedsheet set. Will it get into my instagram feed?

The questions were looking at me, one by one. I slowly realised I was always questioning, rather overthinking for such a small casual phone click? The other invisible soul in me continue throwing questions at me though (…Casual phone click? An iphone click is now a casual click for you? Don’t you have shame to post this bedsheet to public? How dare you reveal your privacy in public?…)

Silence. Shut up. Another feeble voice shuts them up.

So I start setting up the objects near me to create a photo layout. Be yourself. I keep the iPad and the ear phones, diary and collecting whatever left on the bed, arrange it together. Just click it. Will edit it later to hide the unwanted. Click!

My life summed up on top of an yellow bed sheet

With the feeble voice supporting me, I immediately write out the emotions behind the image.

“The loyal iPad with earphones which I live with most hours of the day doing senseless browsing, scrolling through feeds of various social media etc (which I realise it later).

The diary peeping behind as I am trying to build the habit of Morning Pages as part of new year resolutions, though I end up writing whenever I feel like, so as to remove the negativity, anxiety etc creeping in my mind ocean and creating turbulent waves which spills out through my eyes at random times.

Unmatched pillow covers reflecting my eclectic style that can be created by just picking up the top ones from the shelf pile! (Pretty easy, no?).

Muffler for the Bangalore winter nights worn by the better half so as to prevent cold and the bed time snuggling toy of the kiddo is the pink bear which gets kicked out of the bed by her heartless mom after kid is asleep!

#fmspad #fms_yellow #nofilter #akbrants #akbmelange”

I saved it and left it to brew it up till I upload it on Instagram in the evening. Though I could still hear the questioning aunty screaming in the back of mind, but the sounds were muffled.

That was indeed a great start to the new year! Welcome 2019!

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