Winter Blues

Winter skies
Shrouded in white,
They say it’s fog,
But I say it’s the clog,
Reflection of my mind!

Without any grind
I dunno why
It cries
And covers up
In blankets of blues
Like the winter hues…

The roots seem to be of fear,
To get close to anyone near,
The wind of dark thoughts
Sways the trees about.
The leaves has all shed now
And with no shade left,
I don’t see anyone how
Would come to me next.

In the distance somewhere
I could hear a calling, unsure
A voice, or a pair of eyes
As if it’s from the paradise
A signal of the universe
To pick up the pieces
To start fresh and clean
And be a new green,

Those precious eyes and smiles
Are the only inspiration
So keep calling for a while
As I get out of my delusion.

I fidget and grumble
Out comes nothing, but rumble
I repeat that I’d start now and here
Yet, I await and lose another year…

The winter would go soon,
The waves of cold would flew
The sun is yet to shine,
And I will do it too…

In the blink of an eye
The new season would be here
To help me grow by,
To shed and heal the skin tears

Till then lemme hold the ground
And breathe a deep sigh…
Would you also be waiting around
To see me stand high?

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